Bronx Crank table black


A different industrial Crank table design! This ajustable industrial Crank table Bremen in black is a unique industrial peace. The base is made of solid iron for the real deal industrial look and the Cranks are in front of the table. This industrial Crank table has the best of 2 worlds; solid warm wood top with real steel base. Crank up your business or home with these brilliant crank tables! From eye-catching dining table to industrial conference table, adjustable from 75 cm to 105 cm in height.


A different industrial Crank table design! This adjustable Bronx Crank table black is a unique industrial peace. The base is made of solid iron for the real deal industrial look and the Cranks are in front of the table. This Bronx Crank table Black is an original Crank table design. With the crank system you can set the table from dining table to bar height and all heights in between, in centimeters from a table height of 75 cm to 110 cm, ex!

Important information about our Crank tables: 
  • We have all our Crank table bases made by a specialized metal workshop. On our Instagram account you can find more information about the quality we offer and our custom made crank bases.
  • All our Crank tables are equipped with two threaded ends / spindles for extra stability. Some photos show one wire end, this can of course also be made, but we prefer two wire ends.
  • The wire ends are provided with a lock. With this lock you can lock up when you have reached the desired height so that the height is firmly set. This lock can of course be easily opened again if you want to change the height of the Crank table.
  • We use reclaimed iron for the bases of these industrial Crank tables. The use of iron not only provides the industrial look, but also a very solid base. The industrial base is indestructible and this Bronx Crank table Black is therefore completely resistant to scratches.
  • Prices on the website are based on a standard table size of 100 cm wide by 220 cm length.
  • We often supply custom Crank tables with very diverse dimensions for customers. No space or design is the same, custom designs are possible with us. We offer a wide variety of options to make sure your new piece fits your space perfectly.
  • The minimum length of a table top with a Crank base (as in the photo) is possible from 160 cm. If the length is shorter than 160 cm, a Crank base can be made in the form of 1 center leg design.
  • The maximum length of a table top for a Crank base with two legs is 380 cm. Table tops longer than 380 cm are possible with a which features three Crank table legs to optimize sturdiness.
  • The minimum width of a table top is 80 cm because the Crank bases are 65/70 cm wide. If you want a table top which measures lees than 80cm in width, we recommend a Crank desk base.
  • Boola Boola also features Crank bases, which are 40% smaller than the regular Crank bases in height, width. A mini version of the dining table crank base. These are a great base if you are looking for a bench to go with your dining table which can also go up, matching your Crank dining table. Or can be used as a base for tv cabinet, dressoir or bar.
Table base color (industrial bases): 
  • Frames can be made in our workshop in any RAL color code. We use the following RAL color codes:
  • You can also opt for a raw industrial basic finish for an industrial look. We will coat the base to protect from rust and be able to withstand outside (weather) conditions.
  • The Crank can be made in chrome or matt black.

Table tops:
  • Mango wood with metal frame. The mango wood has a warm color, the metal frame is in the color of the Crank base. Mango wood can also be finished with grey wood coating.
  • Acacia tree trunk. A processed tree trunk leaf with natural shapes.
  • Oak tabletop, available with a metal frame or as a tree trunk. Finished in natural, rustic or grey look. Samples are available.
  • Pine table top – new or aged wood for a more classic finish. Samples available upon request.
  • Teak table top – new or aged wood for a more classic finish. Samples available upon request.
  • Table top of old railroad wood; ‘old railroad wood‘ which was used in the 1950s on the railway in India.
  • Table top of old truck wood; ‘old truck wood‘ which comes from old vintage trucks that are no longer in use.
  • Glass table top, as well in ‘smokey glass’ option.
Prices of this industrial Bronx Crank table Black are based on the table base as shown in the photo and a standard size of 100 cm wide and 220 cm long tabletop. This standard length dining table is for 6 to 8 people.
Shipping and delivery:
  • We can deliver all Aviator designs & industrial Crank tables throughout Europe. We are a company based in the Netherlands and therefore offer free shipping and delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • In Europe we work together with permanent logistics partners. We always provide the best and most competitive offer for you. Our partners always deliver to your front door.
  • Outside Europe we can also deliver, with pricing for shipping depending on which country. We have your order in stock, we will ship it directly from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Depending on the delivery address, we will check whether it is cheaper to ship it directly from our manufacturer to your home or office. We will always look for the most affordable and fast shipping option for you. We deliver including shipping to your home excluding customs fee outside Europe.
Do you have a certain design in mind, are you looking for a complete set-up for your company or home? Do you want to know what the shipping costs are for your order outside the Netherlands and Belgium?
Call Thomas or send him a Whatsapp message: +31 (0)646074220 or contact us via the contact form on the website. We will contact you soon!
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