Industrial Revolution Crank tables

Inspired by work tables from the Industrial Revolution, this table is ready to work hard for you, but this time in the comfort of your own home. Back in the early part of the last century, factory workers needed tables and desks that were built tough and could adjust to the task at hand. Made with a cast iron base that cranks the table top to different heights, workers had the option to either sit down for long tasks or stand up for quick assembly line tasks.

Crank it up after diner!

And just like that factory table, this table can vary in use either as a dining table in the kitchen or as a desk in the home office. And if you want to entertain guests in the evening this table can be cranked up to bar height to serve drinks and food to family and friends.

The real deal steel

Heavy iron gears and cranks give real  industrial style while adding function to your home. These industrial pieces can be used as tables or desk in any room or as  a pub table in the kitchen. In your office they will make a great centerpiece, conference or show table for your products. But wherever these tables go they will carry with them the history of the industrial revolution. The key feature of any crank table is, of course, the hand crank. The overall functionality of the piece is powered by the hand crank, just like the machines of old.

We use reclaimed iron for all of our crank table bases. The use of iron not only brings in industrial elements, but also ensures that the base is sturdy, the gears remain functioning, and the industrial table is tip-resistant.

A crank table made out of a cast iron base and solid wood, metal or glass top you WILL need muscles to move it (except of course to crank it up to bar height, you can almost do this with one finger…. :-))

Let’s show me the Cranks! And if you would like some interior styling advice to customize your Industrial Crank table have a talk with Stylingbaas!