Okay let’s be honest. There are many beautiful industrial tables for sale. Industrial is popular for a reason and it doesn’t seem that the industrial look is going to disappear any time soon. But you want something unique! You really want something different in the industrial style that you like so much. Please meet our industrial Crank table!

Diner? Stretch the legs at work?

Dining with your friends? Having a conference or presentation? Set your industrial Crank table to 75 cm height.

Party or celebration? Want to stretch your legs at work? Set your industrial Crank table to 105 cm height.

Every spindle can be locked in any position between 75 cm and 105 cm to adjust your Industrial Crank table for your perfect height.

Size does matter!

The base of this industrial Crank table can be ordered in any size. You want your table to fit the right amount of people, not sitting at a table leg and your table to fit your space perfectly. At Boola Boola we can make any size from 180cm wide and will make sure the design is not compromised. In order tot do so we will adapt the center beam of the base to the length of the top.

My favorite color is….

What is unique about Boola Boola and will be unique about your Crank table is that we will deliver in every color you would like. Sometimes you want the color to fit a certain paint color on your wall or match your companies logo or base coloring. No problem! Simply share your color code with us and we will duplicate it, and af course will make sure the vintage look is preserved.
Do you want your handcrank and turning parts in color, or different color than the base? Also no problem. Prefer a black or bare metal base? The base itself is already an eye-catcher that makes the difference anyway. If you like to read more about the iron base please read the Crank it up! blog.