Crank table half moon


With this Half Moon Crank system you can set the table from dining table to bar height and all heights in between, in centimeters from a table height of 75 cm to 113 cm including table top.

Only the table base 

*Interested in a Half Moon table base without table top? Please pick your table base color and choose the -without table top- options.

Custom options

*If your table top size or table base color is not listed, please contact us. We have our Crank tables made piece by piece, customization is no problem at all.



Crank table Half Moon

An original Boola Boola Crank table Half Moon design. A solid iron masterpiece for the real deal industrial look. With this Half Moon Crank system you can set the table from dining table to bar height and all heights in between, in centimeters from a table height of 75 cm to 113 cm including table top.

  • Prices on the websites or social media are based on a standard table size of 100 cm wide by 220 cm length.
  • We often supply custom Crank tables with very diverse dimensions for customers. No space or design is the same, custom designs are possible with us. We offer a wide variety of options to make sure your new piece fits your space perfectly.
  • The minimum length of a table top with a Half Moon Crank base (as in the photo) is possible from 180 cm.
  • The maximum length of a table top for a Half Moon  Crank base with two legs is 360 cm. Table tops longer than 360 cm are possible with a extra center leg to optimize sturdiness.
  • The minimum width of a table top is 8o cm, a Half Moon table base is always double spindled.
Important information about our Crank tables
  • We have all our Crank table bases made by a specialized metal workshop. On our Instagram account you can find more information about the quality we offer and our custom made crank bases.
  • All our Half moon Crank tables are always equipped with two threaded ends/ spindles for extra stability.
  • The wire ends are provided with a lock. With this lock you can lock up when you have reached the desired height so that the height is firmly set. This lock can of course be easily opened again if you want to change the height of the Crank table.
  • We use reclaimed iron for the bases of these industrial Crank tables. The use of iron not only provides the industrial look, but also a very solid base. The industrial base is indestructible and this Crank table Half Moon is therefore completely resistant to scratches.
Half moon base & crank color
  • You can order a chrome or matt black crank wheel (see picture slide)
  • The Half moon Crank table base is available in matt black, vintage black/ metal look, green, industrial orange and red.
Table tops
Life edge tree top 5 cm:
  • Oak wood
  • Acacia wood
Solid wood metal framed: 
  • Mango wood
  • Reclaimed old truck wood
If you have special wishes, specific dimensions or any question please contact us! A lot is possible, we would love to hear from you!
Shipping and delivery:
  • We can deliver all Aviator designs & industrial Crank tables throughout Europe. We are a company based in the Netherlands, we can offer free shipping and delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • In Europe we work with the best logistics partners. We always provide the best and most competitive offer for you. Our partners always deliver to your front door.
  • Outside Europe we have possibilities, with pricing for shipping depending on which country. We will always look for the most affordable and fast shipping option for you. Please contact us so we can look for the best option.
Call Thomas or send him a Whats app message: +31 (0)646074220 or contact us via the contact form on the website. We will contact you soon!
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